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Character Kits
Product # [AAHCK]
Know someone who is Earthy, Sweet, Fierce, or Playful? You will be amazed at how well the colors in the kit work for her. Each kit includes 3 eyeshadows in a travel palette.

The Earthy Kit - brings forward the special symbiotic relationship you have with the Earth and all her elements. Contains: Eyeshadow 1,7,8 in a sisal travel palette + lip gloss Peace

The Sweet Kit - brings out that rare, positive spirit that makes you such a wonderful friend and person. Contains: Eyeshadow 1,2,4 in a blue medallion travel palette + lip gloss Grace

The Fierce Kit - enhances your strong inner fire that is admired by all who know you. Contains: Eyeshadow 5,15,18 in a black crocodile travel palette + lip gloss Joy

The Playful Kit - announce to the world your contagious, spirited side that makes you so fun to be around. Contains: Eyeshadow 3,10,11 in a chevron palette + lip gloss Hope

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